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Solving Measures for High Temperature of Jaw crusher working

Solving Measures for High Temperature of Jaw crusher working

Jaw crusher is commonly used for broken head of mining machinery in mines, in the process of running, because the parts rubbing against each other, will produce large amounts of heat energy, if not appropriate to reduce temperature, will affect the normal work of the jaw crusher.Unique company engineering and technical personnel from three aspects this paper introduces the temperature rise of concrete solutions.
First, pay attention to the bearing temperature rise, jaw crusher in the case of long working hours, bearing due to play the role of drives the moving jaw plate, and bearing under gravity and the frame of the friction effect, lead to work, bearing temperature rise faster, when temperature is too high, due to the effect of heat bilges cold shrink, bearing swells, result in flexible operation and influence the work efficiency, so the jaw crusher bearing lubricating oil, keep in good condition, clean, no foreign body, best can use thin oil lubrication.If found abnormal vibration, immediately stop to check and confirm is not easily broken objects stuck, or a hammer head and other parts damage happened.
Second, the moving jaw plate of jaw crusher is the use of repeated action squeezing roller compaction material to achieve the objective of the broken, moving jaw parts up and down close to the fixed jaw plate, the material after crush, move left on hubei hubei, products from the discharging mouth eduction.So in the process of jaw crusher work, moving jaw working strength is big.Hubei temperature is easy to appear abnormal, when the temperature reaches a certain limit will causes the damage of hubei board, when it is necessary to take some measures to solve the abnormal temperature rise of hubei, avoid downtime caused by equipment failure, reduce the production efficiency.
The third is the jaw crusher friction parts temperature increases, because of the jaw crusher in the process of sports work, friction parts, converts kinetic energy into heat energy, components and parts are stored in the interior, lead to heat, and can't work normally, at this time to the appropriate use lubricant, reducing friction, reducing the generation of heat, and lubricating oil can be used to take part in part quantity of heat, to achieve the purpose of cooling.

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