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4 possible reasons for you to check why oil has leak from cone crusher

4 possible reasons for you to check why oil has leak from cone crusher

1. Sealing device failure

In production, pay attention to check the wear of the o-ring seal between the drive shaft frame and the main frame, the seal ring between the oil collector and the oil slinger, and the o-ring seal between the oil slinger and the drive shaft. After these parts are used for a long time, they will be subject to wear and deformation, lose the elasticity required for effective sealing, and the failure of the sealing device will cause the problem of oil leakage of the equipment.

2. The oil return pipe is blocked

During production, pay attention to check whether there is dirt in the main drain hose or pipeline, and check whether there is dirt in the long hole of the drive shaft frame under the drive shaft. The accumulation of dirt will hinder the flow of oil, especially if the oil temperature is low At this time, the oil cannot be quickly discharged from the equipment, resulting in oil leakage from the cone crusher.

3. Improper working pressure

The lubricating oil enters the lower part of the main shaft from the oil inlet pipe and is rubbed by the lubricating friction disc. If the working pressure of the lubricating system is improper, the oil will be ejected from the shaft gap, causing the lubricating oil to leak down along the outer circle of the sealing cylinder.

4. Unreasonable component clearance

If the gap between the inner wall of the oil sump of the main seat and the oil retaining ring plate of the counterweight is too small, then during the working process of the cone crusher, the lubricating oil thrown between them is easy to form an oil seal under the action of tension. Under the impulse of air pressure, the oil seal will continuously overflow from the dustproof ring along the inner wall of the main base.


1. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it is recommended to regularly check the sealing device.

2. When there is dirt in the oil return pipe, clean the oil return pipe in time to avoid blockage of the oil return pipe.

3. Adjust the working pressure of the lubrication system.

4. Adjust the component gap.

In long-term use, the cone crusher must not only maintain a good lubricating system, but also must be regularly checked to resolve faults in a timely manner and ensure the efficient operation of equipment to bring production efficiency and benefits to the enterprise.

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