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Working principle of mobile construction waste shredder

Working principle of mobile construction waste shredder

Construction waste is the muck, spoil, spoil and other waste generated during the construction and demolition of various buildings, structures, pipe networks, etc. by construction, construction units or individuals, and is part of urban waste. At present, the main methods of construction waste treatment in my country are: landfill treatment, open-air piling treatment, and reuse after crushing. Obviously, the first two treatment methods are unscientific. They not only occupy land, pollute the environment, but also waste resources. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection today, the resource utilization of construction waste has become the real way out for urban solid waste.

Construction waste→recycled aggregate, this process cannot be separated from construction waste treatment equipment, so where is this kind of machine produced? Zhengzhou Unique Industrial Equipment has been engaged in the R&D and production of construction waste treatment equipment for many years, and has helped hundreds of construction waste treatment projects to be put into operation smoothly. Zhengzhou Unique Industrial Equipment’s construction waste recycling production line mainly includes: feeding, pre-screening, crushing, iron removal, screening, and light material separation. The obtained recycled sand and gravel aggregates of different sizes can be applied to roadbeds. Stone materials, non-burning bricks, cement admixtures and many other aspects not only absorb a large amount of construction waste, but also bring renewable resources.

Zhengzhou Unique Industrial Equipment mainly has two types of construction waste treatment equipment, fixed and mobile. Due to the fact that the stacking points of construction waste are often not concentrated, coupled with the difficulty of transportation, more and more investors are turning their attention to mobile construction waste crushers. Speaking of the construction effect of the mobile crusher of Zhengzhou Unique Industrial Equipment, Mr. Zhang from Kaifeng has a great say. Zhang is always a demolition contractor in Kaifeng and has successively introduced two mobile crushers from Zhengzhou Unique Industrial Equipment, which are mainly used at the demolition construction site to dispose of construction waste on site. These two mobile crushers are both YPC series products of Zhengzhou Unique Industrial Equipment, with a daily processing capacity of about 3000 tons. "Zhengzhou Unique industrial equipment has a high degree of automation, reduces labor, and reduces production costs. The separation of steel bars in concrete has always been a problem in the classification and treatment of construction waste, but Zhengzhou Unique industrial equipment and machinery can easily solve it. Concrete can be sold directly; we are very satisfied with the construction effect of these two machines."

Up to now, Zhengzhou Unique Industrial Equipment has provided construction waste treatment solutions and complete sets of equipment for many cities at home and abroad. With excellent products, it has declared the strong strength of Zhengzhou Unique Industrial Equipment to the world and won high praise from customers.

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