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Detailed description of the lubrication requirements of each unit of the vibrating screen exciter

Detailed description of the lubrication requirements of each unit of the vibrating screen exciter

If you want to use the bearing of vibrating screen for a long time, the lubrication must be done well!

Excessive bearing temperature is not only a frequently encountered problem for vibrating screens, but also an inevitable problem for various types of crushing equipment, conveying equipment and other mining machines. One of the main reasons for the high temperature is not adding lubricating oil (grease) in accordance with the equipment manual. Taking the vibrating screen exciter as an example, the requirements for adding lubricating oil (grease) for each unit are not the same. Let's talk about it today.

Box type vibration exciter use requirements

After a cumulative operation of 500 hours, the lubricant is changed for the first time, and the lubricant is changed once every 3000 hours thereafter. The amount of lubricant should be determined according to the two parameters of the installation angle and the model of the exciter. The instructions given in the manual are for normal maintenance requirements.

Sometimes in the actual equipment maintenance, can be flexibly grasped. If the equipment is not used for a long time and you are worried about the aging of the oil, you can change the oil before the equipment is put into use; if the working environment of the equipment is dusty and the temperature of the exciter is higher than the ambient temperature of 35℃, the oil must be changed in advance to ensure The equipment is lubricated to reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

Requirements for the use of circular exciters

Use #2 or #3 general lithium grease, that is, #2 for winter and #3 for summer. The filling amount is 1/2 to 1/3 of the space between the bearing and the bearing shell. It needs to add grease once a week for 150 hours of cumulative operation. Due to the different forms of lubrication, the temperature rise of this type of vibration exciter is higher than that of the box type vibration exciter. Generally, the temperature rise is controlled within 45℃. If the temperature is too high, it must be measured every hour to see if the temperature has dropping trend. If the temperature has been rising without a downward trend, it can be determined that the bearing has been damaged and the bearing needs to be replaced.

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