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15 Taboofor Cone Crusher Use

15 Taboofor Cone Crusher Use

1, to prohibit the iron going in

2, prohibited start / stop machine withmaterial inside

3, prohibit the excess current, low voltageoperation of the machine.

4, prohibit continuous running when themachine has abnormal sound

5, prohibit checking & adjusting whenthe machine is running

6, prohibit eccentric feed

7, to prohibit large pieces of materialgoing into the crushing chamber  (morethan the maximum feeding size of the instructions).

8, prohibit the adjustment ring beating,while beating, to adjust the discharge mouth to be bigger

9, prohibit cone crusher running whenthe  lock nut of adjustment seat is notlocked

10, prohibit adjusting the discharge portwhen material is inside

11, to prohibit cone crushing running whenthe lubrication station oil level is low

12, to prohibit cone crushing running whenthe oil temperature below 25 ℃

13, to prohibit cone crusher running whenthe returning oil temperature is higher than 55 ℃ , but the oil pump to keep running.

14, prohibit the cone crusher running whenthe filter of lubrication oil is blocked

15, prohibit cone crusher running when thethe alarm light of lubrication station on is on 

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