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Screw Sand Washer vs Wheel Bucket Sand Washer

In the whole set of sand and stone production line, the sand washing machine is necessary, whose main function is to wash away the dust, impurity, mud and improve the grade of the sand and stone aggregate. The spiral sand washing machine and the wheel bucket sand washing machine are two kinds of commonly used sand and stone cleaning equipment at present. In view of the fact that many users do not know much about the scope, advantages and disadvantages of the two, we will analyze it today:
1. Principle of Operation
a. The screw sand washer cleans the sand with the propelling effect of the spiral blade. The material falls into the cleaning tank from the upper part of the spiral sand washing machine, and the high speed spiral blade involves the sand and stone in. The sand and stone are cleaned and sorted with the help of the different specific gravity of solid particles and the different settling velocity in the liquid.
b. The wheel bucket sand washing machine has a set of continuously rotating sand washing impellers, using the triangle belt and the drive of the reducer to make the impellers rotated continuously. The sand and stone enter the washing tank through the feed tank and flip under the drive of the impellers. The grinding of sand and stone can remove the impurity covering its surface, and then a strong flow of water formed by constant water addition washes away the impurity and finishes the cleaning.
2. Appearance & Structure
a. Spiral sand washing machine is made of spiral solid, shell, reducer, motor, weir plate and so on, whose body is narrow and long with horizontal structure.
b. Wheel bucket sand washing machine mainly consists of wheel bucket, low speed deceleration box, high speed deceleration box, motor, water tank, screen and so on with vertical structure.

3. Sand Loss Rate & Scouring Degree
Because of the different structure and principle of sand washing, the water consumption of spiral sand washing machine is greater, so the probability of fine sand being washed away is greater, but the degree of washing is higher.
4. Cleansing Power
The cleaning ability of spiral sand washing machine is bigger and stronger. When the amount of muddy impurity in sand and stone is large, the spiral sand washing machine is often used to clean the sand. What’s more, the spiral sand washing machine is suitable for mass production and high production capacity, so it is commonly used in large gravel and sand production line. The production of the wheel bucket washer is generally less than 150 tons per hour, which meets the processing requirements of medium and small scale gravel and sand production lines.

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