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9 Points Need Paying Attention When Using Vibrating Feeder


9 Points Need Paying Attention When Using Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder is one of the mine production line equipments,a good feeder can guarantee the normal work of the crusher, improve the production efficiency of the production line.

How to operate the feeder right,unique company engineering technicians give detailed answers as below:
1. The feeder must be used before running the triangle wedge wheels or wheels with brake braking, guarantee of fixed feeder at work, don't move, guarantee the safety of production and affect production.Fixed feeder need fixed on the basis of a stable, can ensure a stable job, not because of weak foundation, and vibration.
2. In order to guarantee the normal operation of the feeder, in more than one feeder at the same time under the condition of parallel work, must want to ensure that each feeder with a meter or more secure channel between.
3. The feeding machine working environment temperature, must be in - 10 ℃ above and below 50 ° C, and cannot transport, sour alkalinity of materials and materials containing organic solute.
4. When more than one feeder series work at the same time, to start from the discharge end, forward to start, all operating normally, after joining materials.
5.Before operating, should inspect all parts for connection is firm, if put the location of the fuselage, protective equipment must be equipped with complete, tape up tightness should be in before the start of the adjustment to the appropriate level, and ensure normal bearing device.
6. Combination of the work for the feeder belt conveyor must be in the case of no-load start-up, to ensure the belt feeding situation unnecessarily, affect the operation of coal feeder, impact the production.
7. If in the process of running, the feeder belt running deviation appeared phenomenon, should immediately stop feeding, and parking adjust, if you insist on using, can cause the edge wear, leading to increased load.
8. No matter what circumstances, before parking, all must stop feeding, consistent to the belt conveyor material stock after unloading, the material feeder finished unloading can stop, too.
9. The feeder motor, for the sake of safety, must ensure that access to the three-phase power supply, and the motor should be reliable grounding, lest cause leakage accidents.
Note: if the slippage of the feeder belt, must not with the hand brace, lest cause an accident, and belt conveyor can not stand the pedestrian, nor in someone walking in it, in order to avoid causing an accident

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