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How to Use Jaw Crusher Correctly

How to Use Jaw Crusher Correctly

Jaw crusher is commonly used in mining machinery production line, equipment, one of the highest compressive strength was broken material does not exceed 320 mpa, more commonly used in the head.Application of the main places of mine production lines, metallurgy manufacture development production line, building material production line, the highway construction and other industries.
Because of the jaw crusher is widely used, it is particularly important to the use of the method of jaw crusher, how to use the jaw crusher is the correct method of use, to ensure the normal operation of jaw crusher, to achieve optimal efficiency, the highest.The following these aspects, must abide by it.

First, before the jaw crusher work, to the jaw crusher in a careful check, make sure that the bearing lubrication in good condition, the joint of thrust plate whether there is enough grease.Carefully check whether the belt is good.If found that there is any breakage phenomenon, should change in time, when there are oil pollution in the belt and pulley, application of cloth will greasy dirt rub-up.Ensure that protective device is good, found to have unsafe phenomenon, should be ruled out in time.Look for ore crushing cavity or sundry, if any ore or clutter, you must clean up, to ensure the crusher cavity starting.
Next, need to get jaw crusher no-load test, check whether all fasteners, jaw crusher is firm, no loose phenomenon.Ensure that the flywheel, sheave smooth operation.Check all friction parts no scratches, flaky, and grinding the phenomenon have abnormal noise.Discharge device can ensure the adjusting range of discharging mouth mouth, and in the jaw crusher after continuous operation for 2 hours, bearing temperature is less than 30 ℃, the jaw crusher is the jaw crusher can work normally.
No-load test, to the jaw crusher in on-load commissioning, load test must ensure that the following 3 points: (1) the largest feed size shall conform to the requirement of design.Periodic or (2) the jaw crusher can not have a significant impact, sound.(3) continuous operation 8 h, bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 ℃.
After no-load and load trial run, we can use jaw crusher normaly.

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