9 units conveyor belt shipped to Mexico today

2023-12-21 16:37:55

Hi,my friend,welcome to Zhengzhou Unique industrial ,as following,it is the shipping videos for conveyors belts.

The items of shipping including a unit 1600mmx10m conveyors and 8 units 1000mmx18m conveyors,all these conveyors use in 200-250 ton per hour crushing plant, this is the customer customized the 9units conveyors for his crushing plant from our company, we take only 10 days to finished them,if u also need any dimension conveyors belts ,please contact us right now ,we could customize any sizes conveyors and stone crushers for your quarry and mining jobsite.

We are professional stone crusher and conveyor belts manufacturer ,if need u need to learn any questions about stone crusher or crushing plant machine ,please feel free to contact us , thanks again.


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