Diesel Power Vibrating Screen will go to Ghana

2024-01-08 15:17:50

Diesel Power Vibrating Screen will go to Ghana

4 sets vibrating screen with diesel engine power will go to Ghana soon next week. They will be applied in local river quarry to separate sand and gravel. Due to the insufficient fund to buy a complete stone crusher plant, some small scale quarry owner prefer to buy a Vibrating Screen first to do screening to get sand and aggregate for construction.

Gradually, when those small scale quarry owners have sufficient fund to buy stone crusher, they will let the vibrating screen work with jaw crusher to do crushing and screening. Because the job site area is far from city where industrial electricity is not available, so, we customize it to be diesel engine power to solve the problem of lacking industrial electricity.

This is the second order from this client due to good quality and excellent performance of Unique mining and construction equipment. Welcome to send inquiry.

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