Good morning, my dear friends, our most loyal customers!

2024-01-22 13:47:38

Good morning, my dear friends, our most loyal customers!

This is an on-site picture of the 50-ton crushing line sent back to us by our Indonesian customer this week. Under our remote guidance, the machine ran very smoothly and reached the customer’s ideal state. The customer said that if there are consumable parts that need to be replaced in the future, they will purchase them from our company. Of course, during the warranty period, if there are any non-human problems with the product, we will provide you with free replacements. Our after-sales service and quality are also worthy of your trust.

This week is also a busy week. As the New Year is approaching, we are busy arranging shipments for customers. During the New Year, logistics may be suspended for 1-2 weeks. To avoid affecting your use, please contact us as soon as possible to purchase.

Finally, if you have any needs for crushing or sand making equipment, please contact us. All employees of UNIQUE will serve you wholeheartedly. Thank you.


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