Factors affecting the service life of the mantel and concave for cone crusher

2024-01-29 14:00:43

Factors affecting the service life of the mantel and concave for cone crusher
1. Stone powder content and stone humidity
When the cone crusher is working, if the stone powder content and humidity of the material are relatively high, it will easily adhere to the mantel and concave during crushing. Once time is long, it will not only reduce the production efficiency, but also cause damage to the mantle and concave. Corrosion occurs, reducing its service life. For materials with relatively high stone powder content, they should be sieved before crushing, so as to avoid excessive fine powder during crushing; for materials with high humidity, certain measures should be taken to reduce the moisture before crushing, such as natural drying or mechanical drying.

2. Hardness and particle size of stone
According to the different hardness of the materials crushed by the cone crusher, the degree of wear of the mantle and the concave is also different. The higher the hardness of the material, the more difficult it is to crush. The mantle and concave will bear greater impact load during production, and the service life will be shortened accordingly. When the hardness of the ore is the same, the larger the particle size of the ore entering the crushing chamber, the lining will The more serious the wear, the shorter the service life will be.

3. Feeding method
The feeding method of the cone crusher also has a certain impact on the service life of the mantle and the concave. If the feeding device of the cone crusher is improperly installed, or too much material is put into the crushing cavity, it will lead to uneven feeding, material blockage in the crushing cavity and other faults, which will cause excessive stress on one side of the mantle and the mortar wall. Increase the cutting wear of the ore, causing serious damage to the liner and reducing its service life.

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