XL1500 screw sand washer is shipping to Vietnam

2024-01-29 13:53:33

XL1500 screw sand washer is shipping to Vietnam

Good day ,my dear sir,today,we are shipping the giant monster sand washer to Vietnam customer a following


What is the Screw Sand Washer? Of course, it is a equipment for quarry and mine processing line sand washing machine, usually , the machine installed after the vibrating screen, the artificial sand crushed by crusher,some mud will mixed the sand together ,in order to get the clean sand ,this machine sand washer created by our engineer, the sand washer with many types in the market, like bucket sand washer, linear sand washer and so on, but a word , for huge capacity sand washing and crushing plant, please focus on the screw type sand washer.  

We are professional quarry and mine equipment manufacturer ,has successful solved lots of issues for all over the world customers ,if u also have any questions about stone crusher or mine questions , please feel free let us know, thanks.

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